Traditional Chinese Skewer BBQ

Chuan (pronounced "chwan") are                           small pieces of meat roasted on skewers over charcoal, or sometimes,                                   electric heat. It is also sometimes cooked by deep                                                     frying in oil (popular in Beijing). It can be classified as                                            a type of kebab. Chuan was traditionally made from lamb                                                      (yáng ròu chuàn, 羊肉串, lamb meat Chuan), which                                                              is still the most common kind, but now, chicken,                                                             pork, beef, and various types of seafood can also be                                                     used. Especially in tourist areas, Chuan can be found                                         made with various insects, bugs, birds, and other exotic animals. In                         general, Chuan may be spiced according to preference, but generally,                cumin seeds, dried red pepper flakes, salt, black pepper, and sesame or sesame         oil are sprinkled or brushed onto it. Another popular incarnation is                        mantou Chuan or "steamed bun Chuan"; it is commonly brushed with a sweet bean sauce (甜面酱, not to be confused with sweet red bean paste), and its taste serves as a foil to the often spicy meat Chuan.

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